Unicorn Madness

Unicorn Madness has a new winner this year! The Roxbury Unicorn came out on top with the most rides and votes. Find the Roxbury bike around town this April to take a victory lap!

Win A Gold Medal 1

February Bike-Off

February is your chance to win a Hubway Gold! We're celebrating winter riding & giving away gold keys to 15 lucky riders.

Were Here To Stay

Winter Riding Tips

Beginning fall 2017, the full Hubway system is open all year long in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. For the first time this winter your Hubway ride will stay your fastest way to get around Greater-Boston area. No matter if you are riding your own bike or a Hubway, using these few tips and tricks for cold weather riding can still make biking in the winter safe and fun.


UPDATE: Thursday 8/17 is your last chance to get a $1 single ride through Hubway's New Mobile App! While most of Commonwealth Avenue has been closed to motor vehicle traffic between Kenmore Square and Packard's Corner from July 26 to August 16, Hubway is your solution to get you where you need to go (and beat the crowds while doing it).

Data Challenge Graphic W All Sponsors

25 projects from 22 entrants were submitted. Some were artistically creative, while others relied heavily on analysis to make their points. Some were constructively critical of Hubway's challenges, and one in particular used a combination of all those things... to make fun of us.

Price Change

Hubway's membership pricing is changing today for the first time since 2012. A few weeks ago we sent our existing members a note to let them know about the upcoming changes. Today the changes go into effect.