Bluebikes in Cambridge

Bicycling is hugely popular in Cambridge, a city that strongly supports bicycle transportation for all kinds of trips.

The City of Cambridge strongly supports bicycling for all kinds of trips – commuting, errands, leisure – or really any kind of trip you might take! And bicycling is hugely popular: the number of people bicycling in Cambridge increased fourfold from 2002-2020, and the latest American Community Survey Data shows that nine percent of Cambridge residents commute by bike.

Check out the City of Cambridge website for general information on bicycling and bicycle programs in the city.

Bike share in Cambridge connects with the network of bike share stations in the Boston metro area, expanding efficient transportation choices and promoting convenient bike options throughout the city. By the end of 2022, Cambridge will have over 80 bike share stations in various locations including the squares, business districts and universities, and is continuing to expand.

Cambridge is working with many partners including businesses, institutions and agencies to expand the existing Bluebikes network in the Boston metropolitan area.

Are you a Cambridge business or property owner interested in having a station near you? The City of Cambridge welcomes partners who can fund the installation and maintenance of stations. Learn more about funding a station near you.

Partners and Donors of Bluebikes in Cambridge

We are grateful for the following stewards that support bike sharing as one of the newest and greenest transportation programs in the country.