The Southwest Corridor

Otherwise known as the Pierre Lallement Bicycle Path, this scenic route is cherished by commuters and visitors.

In the 1970s, community protests stopped the expansion of the I-95 highway into this region, and the 50+ acres were turned into a massive urban park, running for almost five miles. The park stretches from the South End and Back Bay neighborhoods to the Forest Hills section of Jamaica Plain. Along the way, visitors will pass tennis courts, basketball courts, water fountains, running and biking paths, public playgrounds, splash pads, amphitheaters and some of Boston’s most beloved landmarks.

Here's our suggested ride:

  • Grab a bike at the Back Bay / South End Hubway station.

  • Enter the path between Neiman Marcus and Firefly Bistro and head south on Southwest Corridor Path through the South End’s famous residential brownstone neighborhood.

  • In ½ mile, you’ll reach West Newton Street, where you’ll enter Titus Sparrow Park – a great spot to see the Prudential Center and John Hancock towers.

  • Continue south on the path, passing Massachusetts Ave, riding through New Castle Garden, passing Camden Street and following the path left until it joins up with Columbus Ave.

  • Take a right onto Columbus Ave past various sports courts, splash pads, murals and small theaters as you pass Ruggles, Roxbury Crossing, and Jackson Square T stations.

  • If you wish to grab lunch or explore on foot, you can drop off your bike at the Ruggles Station / Columbus Ave Hubway station.

  • The path continues along the MBTA Orange Line through the Jamaica Plain neighborhood, where fantastic restaurants abound. The Sam Adams Brewery is also nearby, which offers tours and tastings.

  • The trail ends at Washington Street across from Forest Hills T Station. To drop off your bike, turn around and go north a few blocks to the Green Street T Hubway station.

Note: some sections of the path are exclusive to bicycles, while others are shared with pedestrians. Signage is available along the way to show which path is for bikes.

The total distance is about 4 miles and takes most people 30 to 40 minutes with Bluebikes (depending on how much sightseeing is done along the way). Remember, the first 2 hours of each ride are included in the Adventure Pass price. If you keep your bike out longer, it's only $2.50 for the first additional 30 minutes (see Adventure Pass page for overtime fees), so take your time and enjoy the ride!