Bluebikes in Brookline

Brookline joined Bluebikes to provide its citizens with a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving.

In May 2010, The Brookline Board of Selectmen established the Town's Committee on Bicycle Sharing. The next year, following the Committee's recommendation that Brookline join the recently launched system, the Board voted affirmatively to move forward.

Brookline, along with Cambridge and Somerville, added its first stations in the bikeshare network during the summer of 2012, providing enhanced individual mobility and increased urban connectivity for all residents of the participating municipalities.

Bike sharing has a number of benefits for the Town of Brookline. It provides access to services, social activities and transit for people who might otherwise drive. Bike sharing also has positive effects on public health by encouraging exercise and improving our carbon footprint. In addition, by reducing demand for parking and roads, bike sharing actually benefits those who drive as well as those who participate in the network.

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