Celebrating the First-Ever Bluebikes Winter Challenge - #BBWinterChallenge

We're revealing top winter riding stats from our riders, showcasing rider testimonials, and sharing fun photos from our Winter Challenge Rider Meetup.

You crushed it in February! Over 10,000 riders powered through the “couldn’t make up its mind” February weather.

Through sun, snow, wind (and everything between), Bluebikes riders took over 82,000 trips. Here is a look back at some of the impressive stats posted in February.

Stats From the Winter Challenge

Total Trips Taken80,479
Total Miles Ridden90,000+
Busiest WeekMonday, February 4th to Sunday, February 10th with over 24,196 trips taken
Trips Taken on Coldest Day1,114 on Wednesday, February 6th
Trips Taken on Snowiest Day1,268 on Monday, February 4th
Total Individual Riders10,000+
Number of First-Time Riders750

Stories from Winter Challenge Riders

Throughout the Winter Challenge, riders shared their winter-riding experiences with us. We also learned why riders choose to ride with Bluebikes all year long. Thousands of riders proved that it can be easy to ride Bluebikes, even through the wintery months:

Many of the top riders were incredible women who pedaled to the top of the Winter Challenge. Three women in particular took a combined total of 330 trips in February.

Ngoc D. from Somerville is one of them. She took a total of 115 trips during the Winter Challenge. We caught up with her to learn more about why she rides with Bluebikes:

  • "I've been using Bluebikes for commuting to and from work, from work to the gym, and from the gym to get dinners! It's been great so far. I have my own road bike but feel much safer using Bluebikes when it is icy, wet, or windy outside.

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Winter Challenge Rider Meetup

On Thursday, March 7th, we celebrated winter riding with over 200 Bluebikes riders. These riders each took one or more trips each during February. The festivities took place at Beat Brew Hall. There was food, music, and fun giveaways.

Oh, and how could we forget the fun photo booth provided by the Danger Booth. Take a look at some of the awesome riders and community members who made it out for the festivities.

Photos from the Danger Booth