Where to ride: Local graffiti displays #CentralWalls

#CentralWalls, a movement promoting "promissioned" graffiti murals and displays, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! Learn where and when you can ride to view the art being done by some amazing artists. e


In celebration of Graffiti Alley's 10-year Anniversary, the original founders Gary Strack and Geoff Hargadon are working with the Cambridge Arts Council and the CSBA to create a series of art works on walls in and around Central Square.

Gary and Geoff produced the initial installations in the alley in October of 2007. Since that time, this "permissioned" wall has become a destination for art lovers. There have been video shoots, model shoots, artists working, and millions of selfies taken in Graffiti Alley. Recently, WBUR named it the 4th Best Work of Public Art in Greater Boston. In short, it's worth celebrating — and building upon.

Where you can find the art & get involved:

Pleasant St. & Mass Ave.

The first artist for this celebration is Vanessa Platacis, formerly known as PIXNIT. Prior to retiring from street art in 2007, her work achieved a certain cult status among art lovers becuase of her hidden identity. She exhibited work at Judi Rotenberg Gallery in Boston, and at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in 2008. The work that marks her return to street art can be seen on the side of 7-11!

The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub:

The original artist of the "Crosswinds" mural that span's The Middle East's wall has returned to restore it! Daniel Galvez will be working from now through September 5th to bring the mural back to its original beauty. Just watch out for his platform on the sidewalk!