SYSTEM ALERT: the Hubway System has reopened, Wed 3/14

The system has been reopened as of 2:30 PM, Wed 3/14. Please be aware; some stations may still be effected by snow.

The Hubway system is back up & operational! Due to the amount of snow from the storm, some stations may be affected by drifting snow. Our field staff will continue to remove snow from "problem stations" as needed.

As always, when you return the bike, please get the green light. If you run into problems docking your bike or notice a station that may have drifted snow blocking docks, please call our call center at 1-855-948-2929 or email

For real-time station, bike, and dock availability, download our app.

Over the next day, our field staff is also working on removing the orange snow cover docks which will be removed as soon as possible.