System alert: Station shutdowns due to inclement weather & flooding

Starting at 10:30 am, 12 coastal stations will be closed due to the anticipated high tide & flooding.

Starting at 10:30 am on Friday 3/2, the following stations will be shut down due to the anticipated coastal flooding:

  • Spaulding Rehab
  • Rowes Wharf
  • Lewis Wharf
  • Aquarium
  • Fan Pier
  • Seaport/Sleeper
  • Watermark
  • Seaport Sq
  • Seaport Hotel
  • ID East
  • ID West
  • Day Boulevard
  • Warren and Chelsea

Depending on the length and intensity of the storm, we're hoping to have these stations operational by Saturday 3/3 once the floodwaters recede. As always, be sure to check the Hubway app to check the status of your intended station.

This blog post will be updated as the storm continues.