System alert: Somerville winter riding station availability

This week, Hubway station's in Somerville will switch to winter operations.

For the first time, a portion of the Somerville-based system will remain active all winter long. These station include:

  • Conway Park - Somerville Avenue
  • Davis Square
  • Magoun Square at Trum Field
  • Powder House Circle - Nathan Tufts Park
  • Somerville City Hall

The following stations will be hibernating for the winter in Somerville:

  • Beacon St at Washington/Kirkland
  • Broadway St at Mt Pleasant St
  • Clarendon Hill at Broadway (formerly at Somerville Hospital)
  • Packard Ave/Powderhouse Blvd
  • Teele St
  • Wilson Sq

We're sad to these stations removed for the winter riding season, but excited to announce that Hubway is offering the most expansive riding season date. Click here to learn more about station availability, and moves for the upcoming winter.

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