​Station Move: Harvard Kennedy School station relocated to Eliot Street and Bennett Street

As of the morning of Wednesday, September 28th, the Harvard Kennedy School at Bennett St / Eliot St Hubway station has been relocated from JFK Street location to a new location behind the School.

Due to construction in the area, this station has been moved a couple of times since its original installation in 2012. This new site is close to its original location, and is now situated behind King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square near the intersection of Eliot Street and Bennett Street, directly across from the southeast entrance to the Charles Hotel (see map image below). The station is expected to remain in this location for the remainder of the 2016 riding season.

Please use the Spotcycle app or visit www.hubwaytracker.com for up to the minute system information on system availability.

View the entire Hubway system map here.

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