Starting April 2nd, stations coming out of hibernation!

Good news out of Hubway HQ! After Hubway's most expansive winter riding season to date, "hibernating" stations in Boston & Somerville are coming back starting the week of April 2nd. The upcoming schedule of deployments is still being finalized, so please check back here for specific station updates to see when your favorite stations are returning.

During installation, you may notice crews working to put stations in place, though they may not yet be active. Each station is expected to be turned on as it is fully installed. Please come back to this page to view updates with more specific schedules as they become available.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change, and not all stations are deployed at once, so make sure to use the Hubway app for real-time station and dock availability.

Seasonal Deployment Schedule (subject to changes):

  • Monday, April 2nd (5 stations)
    • Landmark Center - Brookline Ave at Park Dr
    • Burlington Ave at Brookline Ave
    • Yawkey Way at Boylston St.
    • Beacon St at Massachusetts Ave
    • Boston Medical Center - E Concord St at Harrison Ave
    • Charles St and Beacon St
  • Tuesday, April 3rd (6 stations)
    • Andrew T Stop - Dorchester Ave at Dexter St
    • Ryan Playground - Dorchester Ave at Harbor View St
    • E Cottage St at Columbia Rd
    • Upham's Corner T Stop - Magnolia St at Dudley St
    • Dudley Town Common - Mt Pleasant Ave at Blue Hill Ave
    • Walnut Ave at Warren St
  • Wednesday, April 4th (6 stations)
    • Glendon St at Condor St
    • Piers Park
    • Hayes Square - Vine St at Moulton St
    • Congress St at Sleeper St
    • Congress St at Northern Ave
    • Post Office Square - Pearl St at Milk St
  • Thursday, April 5th (5 stations, 1 relocation) Somerville deployment begins!
    • Clarendon Hill at Broadway
    • Broadway St at Mt Pleasant St
    • Beacon St at Washington / Kirkland
    • Packard Ave / Powderhouse Blvd
    • Wilson Square
    • Arch St at Franklin St*

*Moving back to on-street location

  • Friday, April 6th (2 stations, 4 relocations)
    • Northeastern Parking Lot
    • Boylston St at Massachusetts Ave
    • Boylston at Arlington*
    • Cambridge at Joy*
    • Upham's Corner (Dudley @ Ramsay)*
    • Washington St at Waltham St*
  • Thursday, April 19th
    • Washington Square at Washington St. / Beacon St.
    • Boylston at Arlington
    • Newbury St at Hereford St
    • Boylston St at Dartmouth St
    • Boylston St at Berkeley St

*Moving back to on-street locations

Pending station:

  • Boylston St at Fairfield St
  • Newbury St at Hereford St

Again, please note that the schedule is subject to change, so make sure to use the Hubway app for real-time station and dock availability. This a LIVE blog post which will be updated with a complete list of redeployment dates & station moves.