New Station: Oak Square YMCA, Hubway's 170th station, deploys today in Brighton

Hubway's newest station, Oak Square YMCA, has deployed with 15 docks in Brighton.

As of Tuesday morning, August 30th, the station, Hubway's 170th, is open and ready for riding at the YMCA at 615 Washington Street.

View the entire Hubway system map here.

A friendly reminder about docking your bike

When docking your bike at any Hubway station, make sure you wait for the green light to appear on the dock along with the accompanying "ding" noise. That will indicate the bike was successfully returned. If you do not see the green light, it means the bike is still loose, and you should pull it out of the dock and try again. Members may opt in to receive additional reassurance with an email each time a bike is docked successfully.