New Station: Hubway's 172nd station, Alewife Station at Steel Place, deploying today in North Cambridge

Hubway's newest station, Alewife Station at Steel Place, is deploying today with an additional 23 docks in Cambridge.

On Tuesday afternoon, August 30th, Hubway's 172nd station will launch in North Cambridge. The station will be located on Steel Place (formerly Cambridge Park Place) at the intersection with Cambridgepark Drive on the southwest side of the MBTA parking garage.

This is the second Alewife-area station in Cambridge, joining the existing one at Russell Field near the entrance to the T on the east side of Alewife Brook Parkway. The new station is within a block of the pedestrian- and bike-friendly Alewife Linear Path, a paved multi-use trail which leads to Mass Ave and over to the Somerville Community Path. It is also close to the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway that leads north towards Arlington (please note: there are currently no Hubway stations located in Arlington).

View the entire Hubway system map here.