Member Profile: Reverend Laura Everett

Today we’re featuring Hubway Member, Reverend Laura Everett, author of "Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels," as part of our #WomenWhoBike series during Women’s Bike Month. Read how she fell in love with cycling, her favorite places to Hubway around metro-Boston, and more below! Photo of Laura (in gown) and wife, Abbi, courtesy of Leise Jones Photography.

Laura is happiest exploring somewhere new, preferably by bike. She's the author of “Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels.” Ordained by the United Church of Christ, by day Laura serves as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches. By night, she’s an unabashed urbanist and a bicycle evangelist committed to transit justice for all. Laura lives in Boston with her wife Abbi, a middle school Latin teacher, who bikes 11 miles to work each way.

How long have you lived in Boston?

I've lived in Boston area since 2001 when I came for divinity school.

How often do you ride Hubway?

I usually ride my own commuter bike for getting around Boston, but I ride a Hubway about once a week. When I travel for work, I regularly explore other cities using their bike shares.

Where are your favorite places to ride in Boston?

I love riding Washington Street from Jamaica Plain all the way into downtown, through Egleston, Dudley, South End, Chinatown, Downtown Crossing. It's a delight to see all the different vibrant communities.

What do you like about riding Hubway?

I love how Hubway has turned many Bostonians into cyclists! So many more people are now finding the good life on two wheels. Through Hubway, many Bostonians realize bicycles are a cheap, practical transit option that does not require a thousand dollar bike or tons of spandex. I am grateful for how Hubway is expanding who thinks they are a cyclist and expanding the number of people invested in safe roads for everyone.

What's the best thing about Hubway?

I value the possibility of riding one way. I most often use Hubway when I want to ride a bike one direction, and then travel by train or car the rest of the way. I also use Hubway often in inclement weather, when I think it's nice enough to bike in the morning but take the train home in the rain. Also, Hubway is a great "extra bicycle" when friends are visiting from out of town.

What advice would you have for girls and women who are new to riding?

I suggest riding with a friend. Ask someone to show you a good route and practice it with you. Start small and manageable, like a trip 1 or 2 miles away. Remember that more women on bikes invites more women to ride! Your visible presence on a bicycle helps other women imagine the freedom they can find on a bike too!

How would you like to see Hubway change?

I want to see Hubway continue to expand to more neighborhoods in Boston. More than anything, I want to see Boston change our roads to more protected bike lanes in all our neighborhoods.

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