Learn about our new bikes

Hubway has two different kinds of bikes out in the field. Learn more about the differences so you can get the most enjoyment out of your ride.

A new style of bike have joined the Hubway fleet! These bikes feature redesigned, higher-quality parts designed to improve overall durability and ease of repair, have added to our fleet helping us reach over 1800 bikes throughout the system.

We're extremely proud to deploy these new and improved bikes as they're the first new models developed by Hubway's operating company, Motivate, in partnership with world-class bike designer Ben Serotta, and they offer a series of new features and comforts. We have highlighted the differences between the two styles of bikes out in the field so you can get the most out of the bike you are riding. Here are some pro tips:

Seamless integration: First and foremost, no worries! Both types of bikes dock in the exact same way. Check 'em out, ride 'em, and return 'em as you always have.

Kickstands: The new kickstands are based on a European model that
provides more stability, but please note they may take a minute to get used to. As you kick them down, allow the two sides to separate into two legs. Kick them back up and they'll spring back together again automatically.

Seats: These go to 11. Great for taller people and Spinal Tap fans. They also have a cut-out for comfort that allows water to drain and not pool (to help prevent cracking).

Lights: Both the front and rear lights are larger! Plus, like on the older bikes, they're pedal-powered, but the new ones also keep the charge so your the lights stay on longer after you stop pedaling, which keeps you safer when you're stopped at traffic lights, stop signs, or simply pulled over.

Fenders: The fenders now provide wider coverage to avoid those skunk-stripes of mud and water that may have previously adorned your shirt, jacket, or bag.

Gears: The new gears shift in the opposite direction as the old ones, twist away from you for a higher gear (for flat streets), twist towards you for a lower gear (for chugging up any of the bridges).

BONUS TIP: Save the shifters! Our mechanics offer up one more pro-tip, You'll need to pause your pedal in order to shift, just for a second while you're turning the shifter. You'll shift more smoothly and you'll also help extend the life expectancy of the parts on the bike, ensuring that Hubway bikes spend more time on the street and less time in the repair shop, improving the experience for every Hubway rider".