HUBWAY RIDER EXCLUSIVE: Save 20% off New England Gold Club membership

New England Gold Club is a ticket and events club offering great value, early access and exclusive offers to complimentary live theater, concerts, dance, film, opera, and other shows and events throughout New England. Hubway riders receive 20% off of Gold Club membership.

What is the New England Gold Club?

New England Gold Club members can reserve tickets all year long to numerous events: live theater, concerts and dance performances, film screenings, opera and so much more, with new and diverse offerings added all the time. An active Gold Club member can see a different show every night of the week!

All tickets are complimentary, and available for only a $4.50 service fee per ticket. An annual membership includes either two or four tickets for every show/event offered. And by joining through this special Hubway offer you save 20% off the regular price and your discount lasts as long as you remain a member of the club.

  • Standard 2 ticket annual membership: Only $79.00 ($99 regular price)
  • Premium 4 ticket annual membership: Only $135.00 ($169 regular price)

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