Bluebikes Expansion: Station Deployment

Check back for live updates as stations go down across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville.

Starting in the summer of 2018, the Bluebikes system is expanding across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville.

Download the Bluebikes app today or check out the System Map to find new stations.

This is a live post that will be updated as new stations are installed.

Wednesday, 1/10/19:
  • Tremont St at W. Dedham St [Boston]
Wednesday 12/28/18:
  • Honan Library [Boston]
Monday, 11/13/18:
  • Belgrade Ave at Walworth St [Boston]
Tuesday, 11/06:
  • 700 Hurron Ave [Cambridge]
Thursday, 11/01:
  • Dartmouth St at Newbury St [Boston]
  • Boston Public Market [Boston]
Thursday 10/25:
  • Ames St at Broadway [Cambridge]
  • Ring Road [Boston]
Wednesday 10/17:
  • 84 Cambridgepark Dr [Cambridge]
  • Vassal Lane at Tobin/VLUS [Cambridge]
Friday, 10/12:
  • 30 Dane Street [Somerville]
Wednesday, 10/03:
  • Harrison Ave at Bennet St [Boston]
Thursday, 9/27:
  • Columbia Rd at Tierney Community Center [Boston]
  • Broadway T Stop [Boston]
  • Blue Hill Ave at Southwood St [Boston]
  • Farragut Rd at E. 6th St [Boston]
  • Bartlett St at John Elliot Sq [Boston]
  • Deerfield St at Commonwealth Ave [Boston]
Wednesday, 9/26:
  • Park Plaza at Charles St [Boston]
Saturday, 9/21:
  • Centre St at Seaverns Ave [Jamaica Plain]
Friday, 9/20:
  • Williams St at Washington St [Jamaica Plain]
  • Stony Brook T Stop [Jamaica Plain]
  • One Brigham Circle [LMA/Mission Hill]
Thursday, 9/19:
  • Bennington St at Constitution Beach [East Boston]
  • Main St at Baldwin St [Charlestown]
  • Medford St at Charlestown BCYF [Charlestown]
  • Main St at Thompson Sq [Charlestown]
  • Charlestown Navy Yard [Charlestown]
Thursday, 9/6:
  • Boylston St at Jersey St [Fenway]
  • Cleveland Circle [Brighton]
Wednesday, 9/5:
  • Commonwealth Ave at Chiswick Rd [Brighton]
  • Commonwealth Ave at Kelton St [Brighton]
  • Harvard Ave at Brainerd Rd [Allston]
  • Thetford St at Norfolk St [Dorchester]
  • Huntington Ave at Mass Art [LMA/Mission Hill]
Thursday, 8/30:
  • Archdale Rd at Washington St [Roslindale]
  • Washington St at Egremont Rd [Brighton]
  • Faneuil St at Arlington St [Brighton]
Wednesday, 8/29
  • Mattapan T Stop [Mattapan]
  • Roslindale Village - South St [Roslindale]
  • Roslindale Village - Washington St [Roslindale]
Friday, 8/24
  • Blue Hill Ave at Almont St [Mattapan]
  • Mattapan Library [Mattapan]
  • Morton St T Stop [Mattapan]
  • Codman Square Library [Dorchester]
Thursday, 8/23
  • Fields Corner T Stop [Dorchester]
  • Park St at Norwell St [Dorchester]
  • Washington St at Talbot Ave [Dorchester]
  • Washington St at Bradlee St [Dorchester]
  • Gallivan Blvd at Adams St [Dorchester]
Monday, 8/13
  • St. Marys [Brookline]
Friday, 8/10
  • Community Path at Cedar Street [Somerville]
Wednesday, 8/8:
  • 699 Mt Auburn St [Cambridge]
  • Harvard St @ Greene Rose Heritage Park [Cambridge]
  • Rogers St & Land Blvd [Cambridge]
  • Mass Ave at Hadley/Walden [Cambridge]
Tuesday, 7/31:
  • East Somerville Library (Broadway and Illinois) [Somerville]
  • Foss Park [Somerville]
  • Somerville Hospital [Somerville]
  • Grove St at Community Path [Somerville]
  • Assembly Square T [Somerville]
  • Washington St at Myrtle St [Somerville]
Thursday, 7/26:
  • Broadway at Central St [Somerville]
Wednesday, 7/25:
  • JFK Crossing at Harvard St. / Thorndike St. [Brookline]
  • Tappan St at Brookline Hills MBTA [Brookline]
  • Cypress St at Clark Playground [Brookline]
  • Brookline Village - Pearl Street at MBTA [Brookline]