The City of Cambridge invites you to create a design that will travel all around Cambridge, Boston and beyond! This competition is for you to design the look of a special Bluebike – called a “Unicorn” given its rare and unique nature – to become part of our regional public bike share system, Bluebikes.

Who is eligible?

You must be a high school student and a resident of Cambridge; you will need to provide a physical mailing address with your submission (this information will not be shared). All high school age Cambridge residents, including those who attend public or private high schools, charter schools or who are home-schooled, are eligible to participate.

What should my design look like?

The design should represent Cambridge and/or the Cambridge community as you see it or would like to portray it. Previous designs have ranged from literal to more conceptual; see our unicorn madness blog post and the 10 million trips bike for examples of previous bikes. We are looking for designs that celebrate what makes our city special.

Process and timeline:

Detailed technical instructions are found below.

Designs are due by Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Please submit your design by email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your physical home address in Cambridge
  • Your email address
  • A phone number where you can be contacted
  • A brief description of your design and/or it's inspiration. No need for an essay, just a paragraph will do
  • The submission itself in the format described in the technical specifications below

The creator of the winning design will be contacted in mid-March.

The Cambridge Unicorn Bike will be launched at the April 17 Rock ‘N Ride event that is the kickoff to the Cambridge Science Festival.


Winning Design: $100

Second Prize: $50

Third Prize: $25 each (2 winners)

Notes for designers:

  • Pixel (.jpg .gif .png .tif) and Vector (.ai .pdf .eps .svg) designs are accepted - vector designs work particularly well
  • Pixel designs should be formatted to the sizing in the template with a minimum of 200 DPI at scale.
  • Designs should be CMYK color code and masked to the decals bleed (the shape larger than the die-cut shape).
  • Hand drawn designs should be scanned and clipping masked into the design template.
  • Design advice: Capture photos at the highest resolution of interesting textures and clipping mask these to the bicycle.
  • Design advice: Gradients look good. Complimentary colors are important.
  • Design advice: Tessellations work well. Create your own tessellation with paper, scan this, and formate it to the bicycle shape. Here is a good link to learn about tessellations:

If you do not have access to or do not know how to use computer design programs:

You can create your own hand-drawn or computer-sketched design! You just need to show what it would look like on the bike. Clip the image (you should scan it if you have hand-drawn it) over the design template to show what it might look like. Don’t worry – we will help to format it to the exact specifications

Get started:

Click the button below to download the design file.

Create a Unicorn Bike


Technical questions about design requirements or submissions:

Questions about the process or Rock “N Ride event:

Bluebikes is a publicly owned system. The City of Cambridge in its sole discretion, will decide contest winners. Lyft/Motivate is not responsible for selecting contest winners.